PlayStation 3 on holidays

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Hi guys,

Unfortunately, my holidays would not be like Cristiano Ronaldos holidays because I do not have so much money.

I will stay two weeks in Switzerland in a county without anything to do, not heaven internet.

So I start searching in the internet and I found a really useful PlayStation 3 Buying Guide what is very interesting because I want to spend good time in me vacations and I am sure that PlayStation 3 will help.

In the guide I saw the prices and I choose the PlayStation 3 80 GB in my opinion is the best choice looking for the best quality/price.

Of course that a PlayStation without games… can not be funny! So I also choose 4 of the top rated PS3 Games that I found in this site. Can you guess what games I chosen?

Last but not the least I saw the PlayStation 3 Accessories and bought a PS3 Chillstream.

Would you be on vacations this year? You do not like to have a PlayStation 3 to play in vacations?

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