Keyless Lock

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Hello everybody!

I am continuing to improve my new office; it is almost everything working but I have lots of money in that office. So I am now thinking in the security of the office.

I want something like Cristiano Ronaldo has in her house, you believe that he do not have any keys? It is true, he use the finger to open the doors.

Can anything be more secure than this kind of Keyless Lock? We can loose the keys but we do not loose the fingers. The problem of loose the keys are now resolved and the problem of the security too… or not? And if someone knows that we use the finger and chop our finger of to enter in our home?

Do you think this method is more secure than using a normal key?

The truth is that I really have lots of concerns about this situation, indeed I want to have a “finger key” but have many doubts.

You do not have afraid that someone steals your fingerprints?

But I find a really good website about Keyless Lock, I only have to read carefully all the information in the website.

Count on you to help me, visit this site about Keyless Lock and gave your opinion.

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