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I am really impressed with the quality of the games in the premiership, since 1990 that I like Man United; I was a big fan of Peter Schemeichel, the best goalkeeper in the world of all times, for me!

When I start viewing the games on the TV, in 1990, the quality of the images has very, very bad. But now days we have lot of choices, we only have to extract the better of the LCD we have at home. Imagine that you pay 2000$ for a big LCD with HD, you have to see a really good image don’t you?

I found the solution for me, and now I will share with you.

Direct TV, is the solution to view more than 130 channels with HD quality, digital DVR recording and to forget the cable charges.

Now I can view all the games with better quality on Directv, specially the NHL games. I must say I am very happy with this solution, I love Directtv!

You must try!

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